Extend HDMI and IR remote signals over a single coax cable!

The Andoer 100m / 328ft HDMI Extender with IR units allow you run put your cable box or hdmi device else where and still have full IR remote control. I have tested the unit and currently have 9 of them installed in my office. The farthest unit I have run is roughly 300ft from my data room and it works flawlessly.

These units come with BNC connectors on both units. I recommend crimping BNC connectors directly on your coax line, the BNC to COAX adapters that are supplied are junk and degrade the signal. I spent hours trying to get them to work, I finally gave up and re-crimped all the cables. Voila! Each unit works perfectly as expected.

I also recommend getting a USB to DC adapter cable. This will allow you to power the unit directly from any TV with a USB 5v port. This saves the trouble of needing an extra outlet just for the 5v device.

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