Why you NEED Ejector Seat – Mount remote disks with a keystroke.

Why do you need Ejector Seat in your web design / development arsenal?

1. Security – To many times I pass by a designer or developers desk using plain old FTP. If I had a nickel for every time I saw a potential security exploit of this kind, I wouldn’t be at work. Ejector Seat uses SSH Keys to authenticate and mount your location as an easily accessible drive, eliminating the need to open password authenticated ports on your end point, thus reducing the potential attack surface area.
It’s a no-brainer.

2. Scalability – Ejector Seat doesn’t care what OS you are using. If you are like me, you don’t conform your applications to the OS. Likewise, you use the correct application to get the job done. If this means using a LAMP configuration for a specific task, well then so be it. If you need to spawn an IIS instance running proprietary M$ web application software, go for it. The software doesn’t care, as long as your using Keys for Authentication.

3. Lightweight – Total download is 11.9mb, unpacked its 15mb. Total processing resources used while transferring 100mb file to remote disk was almost negligible. This is spectacular, especially if you are like me and are running a multitude of processor intensive programs such as some from the Adobe suite (Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, InDesign CS6) and then a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit VM in addition to the normal processes like Chrome (with 10+ tabs). You don’t even think about the process once you’ve set it up.

4. Simplicity – Why wouldn’t you want to be able to save to a mounted disk directly from the program you are working in? Another no-brainer.

5. Hot Keys – Great feature of the software allows you to hot key the exact mount location you want to work with.

6. Price – I’m not really big on price, mainly because my department budgets allow for plenty of head room when it comes to me and my team having the correct tools / utilities, to get the job done properly, not half assed. Therefore I must state that price had absolutely no weight on whether I purchased this software or not. However, to some people this matters, its just another selling point on this software that shows the ingenuity and forethought that went into engineering it. My donation of $35 was specifically set because of I work in an Enterprise setting. I could not in good conscience pay nothing, especially when I know it will be used to make money.

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